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10/23/21 Program Administration (9am – 2:30pm)

9:00 am CE-PA-136164 2.5 hrs
12:00 pm CE-PA-136347 2.5 hrs

The Power & Possibilities of Early Childhood Leaders, Part 1 & 2: Trainees will receive information
relating to the trends of staffing, shortage of staff and the roles and qualification of personnel. Also, trainees will take a closer look at a leader verses a manager in the Early Childhood Classroom.

12/4/21 Growth & Development (9am – 3:30pm) | Trainer: Ms. Ella Mack

9:00 am CE-GD-136932 2.5 hrs Instructional Practices that Support the Whole Child: Trainees will receive strategies on dealing with the social and emotional needs of young children on a daily basis.

12:00 pm CE-GD-136348 1.5 hrs Taking a Closer Look at Physical Development Milestones: Basic motor skills develop in the early childhood years form the foundation for movement and motor proficiency.

2:30 pm CE-GD-136358 1.0 hrs Supporting Cognitive Development in Early Learners: Information to support cognitive development in young children and assistance to teachers in providing support in the classification and logical thinking process

1/22/22 Curriculum (9am – 3:30pm) | Trainer: Ms. Ella Mack

9:00 am CE-CU-137115 1.5 hrs The Benefits of Block Play: Learning and Developing
Trainees will look at the benefits of using blocks in an Early Childhood setting and explore concepts children can develop from block usage.
11:00 am CE-CU-137116 1.5 hrs Enhancing Learning Through Movement
According to research, physical activity activates the brain, improves cognitive evelopment and is correlated with academic performance. Participants will receive best practices and strategies to enhance learning through movement.
1:00 pm CE-CU-137194 2.5 hrs Implementing a Curriculum that Provides Maximum Learning Opportunities in an Early Childhood Setting
Best practices and strategies to draw on children’s knowledge and experience to extend their thinking. Activities to plan a broad range of developmental skills and interests and maximize the learning process in young children.

2/19/22 Health & Safety (9:00am – 2:45pm) | Trainer: Ms. Ella Mack

9:00 am CE-HS-137114 2.5 hrs Increasing Awareness of Children’s Wellbeing
Providers play a critical role in monitoring children’s growth and development and identifying problems as early as possible. Teachers will collaboratively receive best practices to assist them in performing daily health check and screenings.
12:00 pm CE-HS-137006 1.5 hrs Reduce the Spread of Classroom Germs
One of the most important steps in reducing the number of germs and the spread of disease, is the thorough cleaning of surfaces that could pose a risk to children or staff. High- risk surfaces are those with which children are most likely to have close contact. Trainees will engage in activities and discussions on ways to reduce the spread of germs in the classroom.
1:45 pm CE-NU-136043 1.0 hrs Building Healthy Eating Habits in Young Children
A proper diet is the key to a healthy lifestyle especially during childhood and teenage years. It has the most impact on development and growth during the formative years,

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JCFS FY22 Annual Meeting – 10/8/21

JCFS Directors’ Summit 2022
For Child Care Owners and Directors

TEAM Lowcountry Conference 2022
Regional Professional Dev Training (pending)

Pyramid Model Training 2022-2023
Culturally Responsive Practices for the social-emotional development of young children