Vision, Mission, & Values


We will be successful when all Jasper County children reach their highest potential.


Jasper County First Steps works collaboratively to ensure all Jasper County children will start school ready to reach their highest potential through engaged support from parents, caregivers and our communities.



To focus on and prioritize young children, from prenatal development to kindergarten entry, and their families and caregivers.


To cultivate positive, supportive and respectful interactions between stakeholders that shape development, build community, increase success and productivity, foster learning and growth and affirm the intrinsic value of all individuals.


To actively work towards a community where all people have the opportunity and resources to be successful. To ensure that all voices are solicited and heard.

High Quality

To ensure that our programs are inclusive and developmentally-appropriate and are delivered with fidelity to the program model. To ensure that our programs, services and operations are marked by excellence.


To produce meaningful and measurable impact and outcomes.